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Ultimate Growth



The Ultimate Growth Premium Plan is a new and exciting package that allows you to grow at a steady pace month to month. If you are serious about your brand, want to see where it go lead and want to get customers to buy YOUR products then this is for you. This plan allows you to get started quickly with set-up in under 4 weeks and lets you grow from a small to a large store at a steady consistent pace. 

Phone consultation

Speak with a biz set-up advisor to gain insight into what we do, let us know a little about the brand you want to start and we will asses if we are the right fit for eachother. 


We use print on demand suppliers and we will integrate and design your clothing pieces. For this package, we design 3  different clothing types e.g. t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, skirts, dresses initially.


Growth: We will add 3 extra clothing types every month to your brand.


View the full catalogue here. 

Trello Management

Track the progress we make on your brand via an app call Trello which is free to download via your app store. Every week or month you will receive an update on the progress of your brand and be able to make amendments as we go. 

Professional Photography 

Having great visuals is essential for your online business and social media management.


Growth: You will receive a 1 hour photoshoot session on-location (with your preferred model that you can choose e.g. male/ female and the models build. ) or office based every two months (Bimonthly)

We will upload these images into your website and they will be used for your social media management. 

Whatsapp/Email/ Telephone support

As well as Trello we will communicate with you via Whatsapp,  email and telephone. You can have a video call with one of our biz set-up experts for an additional fee.  

Brand designs

2 initial logos/designs created for your brand.


Growth: We will add 2  extra logo designs every month to your brand.


These logos can be used almost anywhere on the clothing. 

Shopify website + Domain name

We create a premium Shopify website with unlimited revisions for you with all legal pages integrated, plus an about us page and a contact page.


You will get a website and email domain name free for 1 year. 

Instagram and Facebook Set-up + Management

We will set up your professional Instagram account with a display picture and bio ready to start posting amazing content. You will also have 1000 highly targeted followers added to your account. These followers will help you gain more followers and will increase your exposure. 

Growth: We will manage your  Instagram account monthly posting 3-4x a week on both Instagram and Facebook. We will also make connections with Influencers for potential endorsements. Please contact us if you would to add a Facebook ads budget.


Blog Posts

Blogs are great for improving your search engine positioning and increasing your organic traffic.


Growth: You will receive a 500 word blog SEO optimised blog monthly.


Please ensure you have spoken with a biz set up expert prior to making a payment. If you have not yet spoken with us please book a call here.

Payment plan

£349/ month
Minimum 12 month commitment*

Receive your business in under 4 weeks.

*Please note: This is a 12 month contract, if you cancel your plan before the 12 months has ended you will no longer have access to the supplier and the full copyright access to your logos and designs will be revoked. At the end of the 12 months you can choose whether to continue on a monthly rolling basis, downgrade or upgrade your plan. 
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Coral Squire, La Rose

This whole process was excellent you really see it come to live step by step. They really listen and understand and any worries or concerns they reply stright away making you feel at ease. I would really recommend this to anyone wanted to start their own brand. I like that they made my thoughts and vissions come to life. And were with me every step of the way though out the hole process. I would like to thank them. For all their hard work. and can not wait to see were this journey goes next.

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