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The Full Content Shoot is perfect if you are just starting up and need lots of fresh new content for youur brand plus some extra exposure and potential sales from a few influencer campaigns!


  • Send us up to 10 clothing/ accessory pieces to photograph on a model for your brand
  • The professional photographer will take as long as it needs to shoot your products in the studio
  • Studio time with a full length white backdrop and flooring
  • All images taken at your shoot will be edited, there will be a variety of portrait and landscape images to choose from. These images will be sent via Wetransfer in high resolution JPG format. 
  • Both the male AND female model included. The models will do their own hair and make-up and will have standard garments to pair your pieces with e.g. If you send 3 tops the model will have jeans and trainers to go with your items. 

  • 3 behind the scenes reel edited in portrait format for your social media plus the clips we used to create your video so you can create other content pieces. Sent via Whatsapp.

  • Influencer management - we send your items to 2-3 micro-influencers on a 'Gifted' basis to increase engagement, traffic and sales for your business. Influencers will be sourced 2 weeks post shoot. (This means you will not get your garments back as we will send them on to the influencers for further content creation)


Important information

Please ensure your items are ready to shoot with no creases, marks or stains on them.


After purchasing your slot you will receive a confirmation email and booking form where you can confirm your return address, model, specifics on how you want us to shoot your items and products you will send.


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