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We will set everything up for you!
Logo design | Clothing and supplier integration | Website creation | Photoshoot and Videoshoot with a model | Social media set-up and management.
Yes that's right! We do all of this for you so you can launch your own fully functioning profitable clothing brand business...
Find out what we do below
Clothing Brand Business Set-Up

Clothing Brand Business Set-Up

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Why us?


Expertise - We are experienced Shopify partner professionals and have built 100+ online businesses
We take care of the technical and background work so you don't have to!
Low overheads - You won't need to buy in bulk/wholesale OR hold any stock, our supplier does it all for you!
You don't need any experience in running a business, we provide support on how to run the business once it's set-up 
Our supplier offers a complete white-label service. Your brand logo will be on the clothing, labels and packaging. 
We don't take a commission - Keep 100% of your profits
Flexible payment plans. You only pay us to set-up your business - there are no on-going costs!

Want to get started?

We offer 5 amazing business set-up packages, which include everything you need to kick start your new venture and to run a profitable clothing brand business. Choose one of our standard packages if your main objective is getting your brands website off the ground... want to take it further? Choose one of our premium packages which include photoshoots, video shoots, models, social media set-up and management plus more. 


To ensure everyone can take advantage of what we offer you can choose to spread the cost of our packages over 3,6,9 or 12 months and your business will be ready to launch by your final payment. During the course of the business set-up you will receive updates monthly or weekly.​

Choose a package and complete the form below and a member of the team will get in touch within 24-48 hours to discuss your ideas and next steps. You will also be sent a complete guide book with our process, clothing examples and more.




I found it clear and straightforward. I was well informed and regularly. They set up the business and hand it over when completed. The whole thing is easy to understand and broken up well. I like the fact that they took a vision and turned it into reality for a non expert in that field. Very friendly, very precise and very reliable. I’m extremely happy with Rhianne and the simplystartabiz crew I was a bit sceptical at first as it’s always hard to depart with money with a company you know little about but once I done that, there was no regrets...

— Casey Campbell, MMOB Clothing

Pricing and packages
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