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About us

Welcome to Simply Start a Biz, we are the UK's only provider in comprehensive business set-up services within the clothing brand and e-commerce industry. We are your number one source for creating and setting up your dream business! We are dedicated in providing you with the very best services so you can build, run and grow a profitable online business.


Founded 2019 by Miss Newton, Simply Start a Biz has come a long way from it's beginnings by constantly improving the service offered and ensuring the resources given are second to none. When Miss Newton first started out, her passion for entrepreneurship is really what sparked her interest in starting online businesses, however when she realised there was a lack of help and resources for those that may not have the technical skills to start their own business, Simply Start a Biz was born.


Here at Simply Start a Biz we create, design and set-up the foundation of unique online e-commerce businesses for individuals who are serious about running it and being their own boss. Whether your a full-time mum, employee, self-employed, student, unemployed we make it possible for you to have it all! Work on your business part-time or turn it into a full-time money maker. 


We know from experience that there are many individuals from a range of backgrounds that would like to set up their own businesses but for numerous reasons they find a barrier stopping them from doing that and fulfilling their full potential and desires. Here at Simply Start a Biz we put a stop to that!

We are a team of entrepreneurs, photographers, creatives and more, and we believe everyone should have the same opportunity at an affordable price. Simply Start a Biz is unique as we include all the components to make your business a success all under one roof . If you would like to start your own clothing brand please click here - alternatively if you would like a niche business please click here.

We look forward to bringing your ideas to life...

Many thanks,

Simply Start a Biz


Rhianne Newton


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Fatema Zakir
Website Designer

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Serena Itani
Sales Manager and Business Development Manager


Charlie Wilkie
Fashion Threads
Fashion Threads Ltd, is a privately owned fashion design, sourcing and clothing manufacturing company, specialising in the whole fashion supply chain process. We can help you with design, tech packs, sampling, manufacturing and freight.

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Shalanda Gayle,  Black Reign Clothing

The business set-up process was straight forward and easy, as they were always communicating with us each step of the way and they explained everything in detail. I liked the website the best because it looks very professional and I've received a lot of compliments for it.  I highly recommend if you're starting a business as it takes the stress away from trying to sort everything out on your own and they really make your dreams come to reality. They're very helpful too.


Jatavius Thomas, Barchani Seving Clothing

The business process was very very very very professional. I barely did anything and simply start a business handles everything with my "ok" they gave me recommendations when they saw fit. The Professionalism of the entire process from the company to the work completed to the Trello board. It was very smooth and professional. YOU GUYS ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL AND THANK YOU.


Nana Pokuah, Zion Sport Apparel

I was very impressed with the whole process and communication with Simplystartabiz. They listened to my vision and communicated through out the set up of my business. I loved their ideas and creativity they've brought forward, but most importantly deadlines were kept on time. Simplystartabiz were very professional throughout the process. I would definitely recommend them. Thank you so much.

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